Our Kids Are Being Taught What?! Part 2

Our Kids Are Being Taught What?! Part 2

  • Sat, 22 February 2020 10:30 - 17:30
  • St Luke's Church, Ryfold Road
    SW19 8BZ
    United Kingdom
  • Free - £25
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'But what can I possibly say?' Evidence and arguments about sex, gender and relationships: Getting the message across to the next generation.

This is the second in a series of conferences on sex, RSE [Relationships and Sex Education], culture and youngsters entitled 'Our kids are being taught what?!'. Our first was held on the 12th October and focused especially on RSE and schools, parents and strategies. See https://msc.support/msc-conference-12th-oct-2019-our-kids-are-being-taught-what/ *

This conference locates the falsely reassuring but partly or completely untrue messages targeting our youngsters today about sex, gender and relationships. We unpack what is involved in safe or safer sex and orifice 'equality'; 'full inclusion' claims; LGBT 'education'; 'faithful and permanent' SS relationships and the notion that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality, among other topics. We both expose the myths but also promote what is healthy, true, good and life-affirming. We want the best for our young!

We then move to Counter Argument Training or CAT. CAT will analyse, model and equip delegates in how more effectively to deconstruct the 'have you stopped beating your wife yet?' kinds of arguments commonly used to win arguments, and shame and silence dissent.

Christian content is included as it pertains to the claims of the pan sexual revolution. However, the conference warmly welcomes all who are concerned by the revolution's toxic impact especially on our young.

St Luke's Wimbledon Park** 10.30am-5.30pm; registration and coffee from 9.30am.

Shops/cafes nearby for lunch or bring sandwiches; light refreshments provided. There will also be stalls to browse/buy.

Cost: Paid up MSC members free
Concessions: £10
All others: £25

Please email DrLisa1957@gmail.com with questions or concerns.


8.30am Invited organisations to set up stalls
9.30am Registration and Coffee
10.30am Sessions - part 1
1pm to 2pm Lunch
2pm Sessions - part 2
5.30pm End

*https://msc.support/okabtw/ for downloadable flyers

** St Luke’s Church
Ryfold Road
SW19 8BZ

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